Siiren Suhreen – resort wear for Women.

Siiren – taken from the word Siren – of Greek Mythology represents a Woman of power, a deadly being towards her opposing gender.

Sirens would sing to sailors at sea, their seductive voices luring them in and causing them to shipwreck on their rocky island .

Suhreen – taken from the word – Serene is her tranquil twin. A being of love, light and calm.

Serene is peaceful and calm. She is worried by nothing. She smiled serenely and said nothing.

Clever As The Devil But Twice As Pretty.


Fashion student and blogger Sophie Ross founded Siiren Suhreen in 2018. After studying in London and spending several months away in Ibiza and India Sophie’s love for classic summer styles grew fiercely. With a great adoration for silk and lustrous lightweight fabrics, she wanted to create a timeless brand perfect for the year round sunshine that is found in some of the world’s most sought after vacation destinations.

Sophie’s early career highlights saw her working for luxury brands such as Agent Provocateur and Selfridges head offices. This firstly projected her into the blogging world where she began to collaborate with a range of high street and high-end retailers.

It wasn’t until after her travels she found her love for silk on the back streets of unique Indian towns. After travelling there for two months with nothing but a backpack full of materials, she headed home to work on her first collection of classic blouse, shorts and trouser sets. These have given her a unique starting ground for her first collection.

Her brand is a timeless capsule of indulgence and attention to detail. With each piece being unique in embellishment and style, she welcomes you to the exclusive and feminine world of Siiren Suhreen.